Saturday, November 30, 2013

Post-Thanksgiving Dispatch From The Front

I survived yet another Thanksgiving. I really have no idea how I make it every year, but I do.

The graduate school semester is winding down, so it's crunch time for me, but I'm a lot more worried about how far behind I've fallen on my holiday shopping because normally I've got my presents for everybody by Thanksgiving. Having to take care of my grandmother (and do grad school work) has slowed me down to the point where I have almost no presents ready to go at a time when I'm normally done. It's stressful, really.

I do have some potentially exciting news coming up if it works out, at least, but I can't spoil things just yet because we don't know how official it is. What I can say is that it involves my art and I might just be getting a break here, so fingers crossed!

I just want a social life back, really. Graduate school takes that away from me for about four months at a time, and now that my grandmother's in the house and needs us to help her out with so many things, I really don't get out when I've got free time, either, because my free time is almost entirely devoted to helping her. I don't mind helping her, of course, but I definitely get really, really frustrated about not being able to see anybody. I've already got Asperger's to make finding friends and potential boyfriends difficult, so not even having the time to try and practice my social skills is really starting to eat at me. I guess you could say graduate school actually makes me pretty lonely.

I also guess I should go and do some work, though. I've got two weeks to go before I can see anyone, so the least I can do is get things done.

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