Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I managed to lose my wallet...

...and it led to a minor breakdown wherein I sobbed on my couch for a good several minutes.

I haven't made a misplay in my adult life in some time, so this discouraged me pretty severely. I felt like I was doing really well there for a while.

We've already canceled the credit and debit cards to get new ones, but I'm not looking forward to that trip to the DMV to get a new driver's license. I'm really not thrilled about losing work time. I guess I can do grad school readings whilst I wait. I also need to get a new school ID, which is going to cost me a hefty sum of some variety, so that's really discouraging, too.

I think I felt like I let my parents down since my credit card is currently attached to their credit card account. They took it a lot better than I did and helped me out, and that calmed me down considerably. I just need to pick my head up and not feel like such an idiot over an accident that was beyond my control. Then I remembered that they're old pros at things like this. I'm still relatively new to adulthood. They've dealt with problems like this before, but I don't have experience in this area yet. I suppose that experience will come (starting now).

I just wish adulthood wasn't so discouraging sometimes. Can I go back to being ten again?

UPDATE: A Good Samaritan found my wallet and brought it home! What a relief! I'm going to buy him a nice gift card as thanks.

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