Saturday, February 18, 2012

Haircuts: Not Very Fun

I hate when my hair sticks to my face because it's wet. 
I don't like getting haircuts.

There's a number of reasons I hate them, but once I was diagnosed with Asperger's (it'll be 3 years in July already - holy cow!) I realized why some of them existed. Getting a haircut is annoying to begin with for me because I can't multitask during it and get other things done (sportswriting, drawing, etc.), but the fact that a salon is sensory hell makes it significantly worse.

There is nothing I hate more than being wet. I'm not sure why, but I have never liked being wet. When you get a haircut, your hair is usually washed first at the salon and is therefore wet. This makes it stick to your face and neck, which is itchy and uncomfortable...and wet. It's not cool.

The salon is also full of strange smells because of all the beauty products and shampoos and lotions and whatnot that they use. Too many smells can be overwhelming for a neurotypical person, let alone someone with an ASD. It's an extremely uncomfortable experience, and when you're also having physical sensory issues because EVERYTHING IS WET, it adds to your discomfort. It's also not cool.

Then there's the part where they actually dry your hair. My stylist is the absolute best and she does an incredible job with my hair. I love her. However, when she's drying my hair, she yanks my head all about and uses a hair dryer so hot that the tips of my ears turn red before she's done. I know you need heat to straighten your hair, yes, but that much? It just ends up hurting me. I wonder if she sees my wincing face in the mirror. It's really, really not cool. (Actually, it's quite hot.)

Long story short, getting a haircut can be a sensory nightmare. I'm not even very far down on the spectrum and it's miserable for me. I know NTs who are bothered by everything at salons, too. It's just not a fun experience, and it's just made worse if you're on the spectrum and have sensory issues.

At least by the end of it, I look like this, which is a nice consolation prize:


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  2. I totally agree. I have Aspergers and I have always hated getting a haircut. It's one of the most uncomfortable experiences I go through each month. I hate being confined to a chair while a stranger touches me. The sound of the electric razor around my ears causes me anxiety too. I can't wait for it to be over with.

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