Friday, December 2, 2011

I'm Cutest To Straight Women - Why?

Here's something I don't think I'll ever understand.

People call me 'cute' somewhat often. I'm 22 now, so I don't fully follow why I'm still 'cute' and not pretty. But the weirdest part to me? The people who call me cute are mostly straight women.

I've never been called cute by a boy. Ever. I have been called cute by lesbians before, but it was in that same affectionate way that the straight women were using the term. I just don't get why it always seems to happen to me.

I dress in a somewhat odd fashion - namely, I take clothes that were originally designed to be masculine and have since been feminized. I wear a lot of blazers and hats. The cartoon I've drawn is a pretty typical outfit for me. I'd consider myself to be a fairly pretty girl who dresses distinctly - I don't follow the pack. Somehow, this fairly pretty girl with her own fashion sense is constantly labeled as 'cute.' By other fairly pretty girls. Who like boys and have no foreseeable reason to flail over how 'cute' I am.

Could someone explain this phenomenon to me? I just don't understand it. And on that note, if any of you reading this are boys, am I cute in a way boys would like?


  1. I think people, girls/women especially, use the word "cute" in so many different ways. It can definitely be confusing! My friends and I often use the word cute in compliments. Like, "cute dress!" or "you look so cute today!" or "you're so cute!" And, it can mean so many different things, like you're pretty, you're funny, you've got great style,'re cute. :-)It sounds to me like the women who are saying it to you mean it in a nice, friendly way. So, perhaps they're just trying to pay you a compliment?

    It's even trickier with guys. I know some who don't the word at all. Others think "cute" should only be used to describe puppies and babies. And, I've certainly met a few others who say "cute" to describe a girl they really like. It really just depends on the guy. Guys seem to have a lot of words to describe women they find attractive.

  2. That's the thing I'm confused most about - I never hear 'you're cute' or 'you're pretty' or even 'you're hot' from guys, so it makes me wonder if I'm doing something wrong.

    (Most people who say I'm cute tell me it's because I seem so youthful, so I guess that's a compliment!)