Monday, November 1, 2010

Speak Up for Autism!

I think today is an appropriate day to stand up for autism. One side of the blogosphere is telling people to be silent: they think other people should stop social networking for the day to see what it's like to be us. As someone who relies on social networking to communicate, I'm not sure if denying access to the internet is the way to go when that's the easiest way for many autistic people to communicate. If you really wanted to get the point across, wouldn't you make real life interaction harder for yourself than online interaction to be more realistic in depicting our lives?

Therefore, I'm taking the opposite side of the movement and supporting Autism Shout Out today. We have voices - instead of silencing them to make a difference, let's use them! We're speaking - are you listening to us?

(I took a few seconds to draw today's doodle in class. I'm that determined for us to be heard!)

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